Past Speaking Engagements (2)

The following are examples of workshops, seminars, publications, and partnerships in which the Center for Scripture Engagement has participated. If you see something you would like to engage us to do for your group, visit our training page to find out how!

Click here to listen to Dr. Phil Collins talk about Scripture engagement with WBCL’s Mid Morning host, Lynn Ford.

Dr. Phil Collins gives his most recent Scripture engagement presentation in Chapel at Taylor University:

Teaching Opportunities

  • On Taylor University Campus
    • Short-term missions team to Singapore
    • Dorm Bible studies
    • Annual lecture on Scripture engagement
    • Chapels – various Scripture engagement talks
    • Training of all campus Discipleship Coordinators and small group leaders
    • Various training sessions of Taylor faculty in Scripture engagement
    • Commencement Address in May of 2012
    • Inductive Bible Study class
    • Workshops for faculty and staff
    • Parent’s Weekend and Homecoming workshops
    • 10 Scripture engagement training sessions at the Lilly sponsored Empower:  Lives That Matter, A Theology Institute for High School Youth, designed for inner-city youth and their mentors.
  • At Various Churches/Ministries
    • Sunday School Classes
    • Christian School Chapel Service
    • Men’s Breakfasts
    • Men’s Four Week Seminar
    • Young Adult training of small group leaders
    • Conference on SE for youth pastors, youth leaders and key student leaders on TU campus
    • Scripture Engagement Pastor’s Conference, in collaboration with Sons of Korah from Australia, took place on Taylor’s Campus for 45 pastors.
    • Scripture engagement training session done with multiple congregations – usually 4-6 hours on a Saturday.
    • Building Trust for Collaboration:  An Introduction to Bible Engagement on Genesis 26:1-3, FOBAI CEOs, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
    • Youth for Christ Student Leader Training Retreat
    • White’s Institute Leadership Training Retreat
  • International
    • Scripture engagement workshops, “Next Generation Scripture Engagement — The South Asian Experience,” Forum of Bible Agencies International, Sri Lanka
    • Studying the Bible workshops with the Verbo church in Ecuador
    • Development of SE curriculum with the Verbo church in Ecuador
    • Devotional at the board meeting of the World Reformed Fellowship in Sydney, Australia
    • Free Church of Scotland Home Missions Board Conference in Inverness, Scotland
    • Three-part presentation for local church leaders at Crammond Parish Church in Edinburgh, Scotland
    • General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland – Edinburgh, Scotland
    • Scripture Union USA Conference – Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
    • Forum Bible Agencies International 20th Anniversary Conference – Fort Worth, Texas
    • Multiple trips to China to train Chinese pastors (up to 500 at a time) and seminary professors in Scripture engagement practices.

Academic Presentations/Publications

  • “Scripture Engagement Research: What We’ve Learned and How Doing Some Research Might Help You.” Dr. Steve Bird, Eurasia Media and Distribution Consultation, Netherlands, April 2015
  •  “The Scripture Engagement Practice of ‘Speaking Scripture’: The Most Impactful Means of Spiritual Growth?” Dr. Phil Collins, Eurasia Media and Distribution Consultation, Netherlands, April 2015.

  • “Scripture Engagement Emerging Assumptions:  Correlation of Research Studies.” Dr. Phil Collins, Forum of Bible Agencies International, Ft. Worth, Texas, April 2015.

  • “The Scripture Engagement of Students at Christian Colleges,” The Bible in America Conference (by The Center for the Study of Religions and American Culture, Indiana University/Purdue University Indianapolis, Indiana, August 2014 — Steve Bird

  • “Spiritual Life at Thirteen Christian Colleges: Results of the 2013 Christian Life Survey,” Association of Christian Student Development, Steve Bird and Phil Collins, Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 2014
  • “Scripture Engagement and Focus on God at 13 Christian Universities,” Association of Youth Ministry Educators, Chicago, Illinois — Steve Bird and Phil Collins
  • Lausanne III (world-wide conference on Evangelism) Multiplex Session – Cape Town, South Africa
  • Forum of Bible Agencies International – Scotland
  • Forum of Bible Agencies International – Malacca, Malaysia
  • North American Professors of Christian Education – Seattle, Washington
  • Spiritual Metrics Conference – Pennsylvania
  • Forum of Bible Agencies North America – “Uncover” – Orlando, Florida
  • Association of Christian Student Development – Workshop and presentation to 23 University Vice Presidents
  • Bird, Steven. (2013). Scripture Engagement and Living Life as a Message. In P. Hoggarth, F Macdonald, B Mitchell, & K. Jorgensen (ed.s),  Bible in Mission. (238-246). Oxford: Regnum Press.
  • Scripture Engagement and Focus on God at 13 Christian Universities – Association of Youth Ministry Educators, Chicago, IL, October 2013 – Steve Bird & Phil Collins
  • Scripture Engagement and Young Adults:  The Taylor University Findings – Forum of Bible Agencies International in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, April 2013 – Phil Collins
  • By the Right quick march! : Engaging Scripture with the whole person – Superb Choice Club, Stirling, Scotland, June 1, 2013 – Fergus Macdonald
  • Jesus and Scripture Engagement – South Tenerife Christian Fellowship, Los Cristianos, Canary Islands, Spain, November, 2012 – Fergus Macdonald
  • Scripture: The Sceptre of Jesus – Devotional at the Board meeting of the World Reformed Fellowship, Sydney, Australia, April 2012. Fergus Macdonald
  • “Whose Interpretation is it Anyway?: Building Consensus on what the Bible is Saying,” Haddington House Journal, PE, Canada, January 2013. Fergus Macdonald
  • ‘The Spirituality of Jesus’: Word-mediated, Prayer-oriented, Spirit-led, Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology, Autumn 2013, Vol. 31, No 2.  Fergus Macdonald
  • “Engaging Scripture in a Postmodern Milieu: A critique of postliberal Scripture engagement,” meeting of Scottish Evangelical Theology Society, Inverness, Scotland.  Fergus Macdonald
  • Video Training Sessions:  A series of video training sessions have started to be developed which are being posted on Bible Gateway. Videos at this point include Timelining and Storying.
  • Host of the Symposium on Scripture Engagement and Faith Formation:  A Preliminary Consultation for Ministry Leaders.  Phil Collins, Fergus Macdonald and Steve Bird.  Taylor University, October 2015


  • Development of a co-branding relationship with Bible Gateway to provide Scripture engagement content. Bible Gateway’s audience is over 18 million unique users every month.
  • “The Word of God Plan” 30 day Bible reading plan posted on YouVersion Bible App.