Teaching Opportunities

On Taylor University Campus:

  • Annual lecture on Scripture engagement
  • Chapels – various Scripture engagement talks Commencement Address in May of 2012
  • Dorm Bible studies
  • Inductive Bible Study class
  • Parent’s Weekend and Homecoming workshops
  • Short-term missions team to Singapore
  • Ten Scripture engagement training sessions at the Lilly sponsored Empower:  Lives That Matter, A Theology Institute for High School Youth, designed for inner-city youth and their mentors.
  • Training of all campus Discipleship Coordinators and small group leaders
  • Various training sessions of Taylor faculty in Scripture engagement
  • Workshops for faculty and staff


At Various Churches/Ministries:

  • Building Trust for Collaboration:  An Introduction to Bible Engagement on Genesis 26:1-3, FOBAI CEOs, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
  • Christian School Chapel Service
  • Conference on SE for youth pastors, youth leaders and key student leaders on TU campus
  • Men’s Breakfasts
  • Men’s Four Week Seminar
  • Scripture Engagement Pastor’s Conference, in collaboration with Sons of Korah from Australia, took place on Taylor’s Campus for 45 pastors.
  • Scripture engagement training session done with multiple congregations – usually 4-6 hours on a Saturday.
  • Sunday School Classes
  • White’s Institute Leadership Training Retreat
  • Young Adult training of small group leaders
  • Youth for Christ Student Leader Training Retreat



  • Development of SE curriculum with the Verbo church in Ecuador
  • Devotional at the board meeting of the World Reformed Fellowship in Sydney, Australia
  • Forum Bible Agencies International 20th Anniversary Conference – Fort Worth, Texas
  • Free Church of Scotland Home Missions Board Conference in Inverness, Scotland
  • General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland – Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Scripture engagement workshops, “Next Generation Scripture Engagement — The South Asian Experience,” Forum of Bible Agencies International, Sri Lanka
  • Scripture Union USA Conference – Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
  • Studying the Bible workshops with the Verbo church in Ecuador
  • Three-part presentation for local church leaders at Crammond Parish Church in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Multiple trips to China to train Chinese pastors (up to 500 at a time) and seminary professors in Scripture engagement practices.