Academic Presentations and Publications

  • “Scripture Engagement Research: What We’ve Learned and How Doing Some Research Might Help You.” Dr. Steve Bird, Eurasia Media and Distribution Consultation, Netherlands, April 2015
  •  “The Scripture Engagement Practice of ‘Speaking Scripture’: The Most Impactful Means of Spiritual Growth?” Dr. Phil Collins, Eurasia Media and Distribution Consultation, Netherlands, April 2015.

  • “Scripture Engagement Emerging Assumptions:  Correlation of Research Studies.” Dr. Phil Collins, Forum of Bible Agencies International, Ft. Worth, Texas, April 2015.

  • “The Scripture Engagement of Students at Christian Colleges,” The Bible in America Conference (by The Center for the Study of Religions and American Culture, Indiana University/Purdue University Indianapolis, Indiana, August 2014 — Steve Bird

  • “Spiritual Life at Thirteen Christian Colleges: Results of the 2013 Christian Life Survey,” Association of Christian Student Development, Steve Bird and Phil Collins, Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 2014
  • “Scripture Engagement and Focus on God at 13 Christian Universities,” Association of Youth Ministry Educators, Chicago, Illinois — Steve Bird and Phil Collins
  • Lausanne III (world-wide conference on Evangelism) Multiplex Session – Cape Town, South Africa
  • Forum of Bible Agencies International – Scotland
  • Forum of Bible Agencies International – Malacca, Malaysia
  • North American Professors of Christian Education – Seattle, Washington
  • Spiritual Metrics Conference – Pennsylvania
  • Forum of Bible Agencies North America – “Uncover” – Orlando, Florida
  • Association of Christian Student Development – Workshop and presentation to 23 University Vice Presidents
  • Bird, Steven. (2013). Scripture Engagement and Living Life as a Message. In P. Hoggarth, F Macdonald, B Mitchell, & K. Jorgensen (ed.s),  Bible in Mission. (238-246). Oxford: Regnum Press.
  • Scripture Engagement and Focus on God at 13 Christian Universities – Association of Youth Ministry Educators, Chicago, IL, October 2013 – Steve Bird & Phil Collins
  • Scripture Engagement and Young Adults:  The Taylor University Findings – Forum of Bible Agencies International in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, April 2013 – Phil Collins
  • By the Right quick march! : Engaging Scripture with the whole person – Superb Choice Club, Stirling, Scotland, June 1, 2013 – Fergus Macdonald
  • Jesus and Scripture Engagement – South Tenerife Christian Fellowship, Los Cristianos, Canary Islands, Spain, November, 2012 – Fergus Macdonald
  • Scripture: The Sceptre of Jesus – Devotional at the Board meeting of the World Reformed Fellowship, Sydney, Australia, April 2012. Fergus Macdonald
  • “Whose Interpretation is it Anyway?: Building Consensus on what the Bible is Saying,” Haddington House Journal, PE, Canada, January 2013. Fergus Macdonald
  • ‘The Spirituality of Jesus’: Word-mediated, Prayer-oriented, Spirit-led, Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology, Autumn 2013, Vol. 31, No 2.  Fergus Macdonald
  • “Engaging Scripture in a Postmodern Milieu: A critique of postliberal Scripture engagement,” meeting of Scottish Evangelical Theology Society, Inverness, Scotland.  Fergus Macdonald
  • Video Training Sessions:  A series of video training sessions have started to be developed which are being posted on Bible Gateway. Videos at this point include Timelining and Storying.
  • Host of the Symposium on Scripture Engagement and Faith Formation:  A Preliminary Consultation for Ministry Leaders.  Phil Collins, Fergus Macdonald and Steve Bird.  Taylor University, October 2015