Taylor's Center for Scripture Engagement Team

Taylor’s Center for Scripture Engagement is headed by Dr. Phil Collins (right) who directs scripture engagement training activities, Dr. Steve Bird (left) who directs research activities, and former World Bible Society General Secretary Dr. Fergus MacDonald (center) who directs the Center’s international activities.

“However well translated and however widely distributed Bibles may be, unless people engage with them in life-challenging ways we will fail to bring God’s Word into the lived experience of people,” – Dr. Fergus MacDonald

Why a Center for Scripture Engagement? In summary, the center was created for three reasons:

1) Because Scripture Engagement Is The Cutting Edge of Evangelism

2) Because Engaging With Scripture Is The Catalyst For Transformational Discipleship

3) Because A New Vision Of The Power of Scripture Is Urgently Needed

Please read more regarding why Taylor created the Center for Scripture Engagement.

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